Would you believe us if we said our initial interest in real estate began with HGTV? Admittedly, that's a little hard for both of us to say out loud. We were still in college and, like most kids in college, still trying to decide exactly what we wanted to do when we grew up. I remember Geddy saying, If they can do it so can we, how hard can it be? HA.

Shortly afterward (2013), Geddy bought his first rental property and we were hooked. About a year later he picked up another duplex, then a triplex. Throughout this time, I was working in staffing; Geddy worked for a GC for a few years and then went off on his own to run his own business doing client renovations. After a few years of working ourselves to the bone updating 7 units in our 'spare time' we got engaged, married and bought a single family home. We ended up selling one duplex after we finished updating it and also fixed up/sold the single family. 

Our career roadmap began to change course in the fall of 2018 when we were given an opportunity to do our first 'real' flip. It was a charming but dated ranch home. It was about 1800 square feet, the perfect 1st time homebuyer house. We completely remodeled the entire home and finished off half the basement in 11 weeks while still working our full time jobs. That job propelled us to our position now and enabled us to begin Oak Trail home this year. 

Looking back now on those college days, we often laugh at how naive (but brave) we were. We for one can attest that flipping homes is not easy, nor glamorous. And, honestly real estate in general can be downright exhausting. But, we would both agree that it's worth it. We get to work together doing something that we both love and are passionate about and that's pretty incredible in our opinion. Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate your support more than you know.

At this time our schedule is primarily  dedicated to rehab projects, but we do still take on selective client work as our schedule allows. We also offer design packages, and staging.